As a relatively new program, the Brad D. Smith Business Incubator was looking for a student they could grow and develop alongside to create content, logos, and promotional material. They needed a fresh perspective and talent to help them establish themselves in the area as a resource and authority.
Digital ads 1920x1018 px.
Logo design for the statewide Governor's School of Entrepreneurship
Previous website design 
New website design 
Create social media content, redevelop website content, as well as create logos and promotional material for the Incubator and its clients’ events.
The design choices within the pieces took into account the brand vision the Incubator had for itself and the brand guidelines of the larger institution of Marshall University. It was a valuable experience having to balance these factors when creating content for the Incubator. Especially on the website, I had to find creative solutions using Marshall’s approved coded element to give the Incubator a unique feel while still adhering to Marshall’s guidelines. With the social media content, I wanted to uphold the professional tone of the Incubator with a sans serifs typeface. With the logos I created for the Incubator’s events, I wanted to maintain that professional tone but interject a cleverness that is attributed to innovation and the startups they serve.
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