The Cortex Center, a public organization that seeks to create connections between a unique group of faculty experts and the problems within their community to forge solutions, all housed within the Marshall University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, needed a new logo. The central issue facing their previous logo was an over-emphasis on the scientific aspects of the organization without showcasing their holistic approach to problem-solving within the community.
Redesigned logo in black and white as well as full color 
Previous logo design
Create a new logo for the Cortex Center that better represented their goals and the wide range of disciplines they use to achieve them.
As the designer within this collaborative project, I utilized market research collected by a peer marketing student, Sarah Harmon, to base my design work. We both worked under the direction of public relations student and project lead Caroline Kimbro. Cortex wanted to showcase the synergistic relationship they offer to the community through their work which led to an interlocking design. The logo showcases this feedback relationship since the mission of the multidisciplinary organization is to collaborate to address issues facing the area. The color reinforces that theme with reference to ideas like passion and empathy.
Spring 2020 Best in Show Award WV AAF Rebranding
Spring 2020 Gold Award WV AAF Rebranding
Spring 2020  Honorable Mention University and College Designers Association (UCDA) Rebranding
Fall 2019 Ingersoll, C., May, Ralph and Harmon, Sarah, Presentation, “Cross-Disciplinary Community Projects That Produce Powerful Career Evidence.” Inquiring Pedagogies Teaching Conference. Impacts on Communities, Scholars, and Students, Marshall University. Huntington, WV.
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