This project was a class assignment to create a brand identity for a fictional company. I devised the athleisure company OTTO.
Logo variations for each brand of the corporate brand 
Stationery design 
Corporate office mock up
Ad examples, Art direction of the photoshoot by me with photography by Cameron Donohue.
Magazine ad 8.25x10.75 in.
Webpage design for home page and shop
Clothing flat for an athleisure hoodie
Create a corporate brand identity for the fictional athleisure company OTTO.
The market research that informed this brand was drawn from Adidas and Nike. I wanted to target a similar market base but have OTTO further lean into fashion and athleisure than the previous two brands to create a new niche. With the logo, I wanted to create a bold, almost sculptural icon that would hold up to be used in all mediums in fashion, including patterns that became a central application of the logo. I created advertisements, clothing mockups, and some website pages to show applications of the brand across multiple platforms. This was my first application of web design with a brand; it was a valued experience to see how to adapt these elements. With the advertisements, I wanted to keep a tone that was cool and on the edgier side to create a unique voice and differentiate from the companies I researched.
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