The privatized healthcare system in America often causes more harm to patients through its vast inequity. I wanted to call attention to this issue through my design work.
Individual poster 2x3 ft., Full installation 16x3 ft.
Full poster set 
Social media promotional gif
Informational booklet 10x10 in.
Create a multi-faceted social justice campaign that addresses the issues with private healthcare in America.
With this campaign, I focused on repetition and playing with space as the central avenues to communicate my message. The series of eight posters when viewed in succession shows the cross, a unanimous symbol for health, turned to an x. Written on these symbols are increasingly disheartening facts related to the private healthcare system in America. At the bottom of the posters is the call to action to “Go Public” with a link to a website, which would lead people to more in-depth information. The scale of these posters is 2x3 feet, which aligned side by side makes the series span 16 feet. This scale combined with the message showcases the gravity of this issue and its need to be addressed. Alongside the poster series, I created a booklet that expands on the message of the posters while incorporating the cross/x symbols in a new format.
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