A Call for Entries was needed for The Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Artist Competition, sponsored by the Office of the President and the School of Art and Design at Marshall University. The goals of the competition were to highlight cultural identity, socio-cultural topics, social justice issues, or other themes that promote unity and inclusion. The Call to Entries needed to highlight these same sentiments. 
Poster size 11x17 in.
Digital ad 1920x1018 px
Create a Call to Entries that highlighted these core sentiments and gave artists an idea of what the competition was about.
Working collaboratively with a peer graphic design student, Danika Spencer, we crafted a design that showcased a diverse range of people with a multitude of ethnic, racial, and gender identities. I oversaw the layout and typography of the piece while Danika created the illustrations. We decided on a warm-toned color palette to be inviting to possible participants and stand out against most of the green used in signage around campus.
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