TEDxMarshallU was hosting its annual event, which necessitates individual branding and design for promotional materials, social media campaigns, and all necessary components of having an in-person event. TEDxMarshallU has hosted independent TED events for three years and the brand needs to weave seamlessly within TEDx guidelines while offering a unique experience to the community.
Logo design 
Event poster 11x17 in.
Slide deck 1280x720 px.
Glass suncatcher, 3 in., gifted to attendants designed by me and produced by BLENKO Glass 
Photos of the event showcasing the logo. Event photos courtesy of Cameron Donohue, official TEDx photographer.
Event program 8.5x5.5 in. page, 8.5x11 in. full spread 
Create a brand identity and promotional materials for TEDxMarshallU’s 2022 event Stories that Change Us.
Acting as both the co-lead organizer and designer, I helped to forge the brand for Stories that Change Us from the ground up. I began exploring new ways to showcase the elements of stories and change without leaning on overused symbolism. The waves within the logo are showing stories as a powerful force. They crash through the triangle, which in this case is referring to its use as a Greek “delta,” a symbol of change. These elements combine to show stories are a powerful force to enact change which at its core is what we wanted to communicate with our event. I extended the wave motif throughout the promotional poster and custom suncatcher gifts. With the event programs, I chose to keep the focus on the speakers and leaned into the humanistic typography of Gill Sans. I maintained these themes throughout the graphics I created for the social media channels and signage for the event.
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