This project was a class assignment to create a type specimen. I chose the typeface “Diogenes” by Ludwig Type.
4.5x9 in. page, 9x9 in. spread
18x18 in. fold out
Create a type specimen that effectively highlights and markets the typeface “Diogenes”. 
Drawing upon the namesake of the typeface, Greek philosopher Diogenes, I chose a Neo-Grecian aesthetic to inform the design. I took time to think about how to reference the scale and gravitas of Grecian sculptures. To achieve this, I chose to have the entire type specimen fold out into a larger poster. This created a new design opportunity to play with allowing me to see the design as both a type specimen and poster. I manipulated the sculpture photographs with color overlays to tie them into the Neo-Grecian aesthetic. All the text used with the type specimen was pulled from Diogenes’ writing. The typography in the piece was structured with a strict grid to have the tone and feel of that era.
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